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ReInventing the Wheel

So Rapid Transit in Winnipeg is a hot topic lately. At the moment there’s a debate on about the benefits of Bus Rapid Transit vs. Light Rail Transit. Many people I’ve spoken to think that the plans (if you can call them that) for either side of the debate still fall short of what’s really required. If you look back to some plans that were made by Norman Wilson (the man who designed the Toronto subway) in 1959, and compare them to what we’ve seen from recent administrations, you will get the feeling that there’s something…lacking.

Reading through Wilson’s plans, they are detailed, and all have solid logical reasons behind all the decisions made. Read this excerpt from the beginning:

Thankyou from Winnipeg, REIN Members

You and I just recently met at the REIN Multi-Family Investing Boot-Camp. After seeing the materials, presentations, and most importantly the people that were at this conference, I have to say I’m quite impressed. I’ve been to a number of real estate, investing and stock market seminars and none have quite come close to providing this amount of detailed information.

The reason I’m following up with you is simple – we met, and I’d like to keep the contact fresh. I’m a Winnipeg Investor and am staying very focused on Winnipeg. Most of you that I spoke with seem to have an acute interest in Winnipeg, and I can’t say I blame you. The properties are extremely cheap, which makes breaking into the game that much easier. Even with the rent controls as they are, there are some gems out there where the ratios just work, and really make you give your head a shake.

If you have even a slight interest in investing in Winnipeg, I urge you to stay subscribed to this blog. Over the winter my plans are very simple – optimize and automate my existing properties, and analyze as many new ones as I can find. When April hits, I have made plans to hit the ground running, and will be buying more properties with a vengeance.